If you asked most people what they’d do with a quarter million dollars they’d probably buy a new Ferrari or something.  But I’d probably buy a whole bunch of beater cars, one of which might or might not be a prancing horse-adorned Fiero (just to offend the purists).  The reality is I might not have great taste in cars, but I certainly have a voracious appetite for pretty much anything with four wheels.

In the meantime, it’s a good thing I’m artificially constrained by living in urban environments which have so far stymied the steady proliferation of a haggard collection of cars in various states of repair hiding under tarps or riding cinder blocks.

Until I get the opportunity to be the automotive neighborhood eyesore I’ll have to settle for living a one-car / no-car life and indulging my passion through these garage dispatches, autocrossing my MINI, and hanging around cool people with far better cars than me.

If you’ve got any ideas for posts or are willing to let me drive your car (one of the aforementioned cool people), you can contact me via the form at the bottom of the page.

I’m also a tech and venture guy, and you can find more of my writing on these topics on my other site, Techometer.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am now an employee of Adobe, which makes my pathetic attempts at using Photoshop and Illustrator even more inexcusable.  Per FTC guidelines, I guess I’m supposed to disclose this, not that any of you take anything I say seriously.

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