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Ferrari Fridays – The Stunning F40

Ferrari F40 ProfileTop Gear proclaimed the Ferrari F40 to be the greatest supercar the world has ever seen.  For me, it’s the car that jump started my lifelong obsession with automobiles.  Although I was only seven years old when the final copy rolled out of the factory at Maranello, no subsequent car has captured my imagination in the same way since.

While modern supercars are all about fancy software with computer-controlled suspension and torque-vectoring differentials, the F40 made do with brilliant technical engineering: lightweight construction, race-inspired aerodynamics and a relatively small but highly boosted V8.  With just over 470HP, the F40 was the first street-legal car to break the 200mph barrier.

Although I no longer have a 1/18 scale die cast model sitting on my bedside table, I’m still hoping to one day find a full size F40 waiting for me in my garage… Continue reading