Real Automotive Heroes: 3-Pedal Minivan Edition

Dodge Caravan Turbo Manual Transmission

Every once in a great while you come across a true luminary in the world of automotive enthusiast-dom.  The individual that inspires excitement in us less-committed gearheads and scorn from his or her significant other; automotive hero to some, cautionary tale to others.

It takes a certain caliber of automotive hero to produce the work seen above.  A rather pristine example of a 25 year-old Dodge Caravan is enough to capture your initial interest, but it’s the “NO PRNDL” adorning the license plate – perhaps the most profound letters to grace a van since “free candy” – that truly grabs your attention.

A quick check of the cabin reveals your wildest hopes / worst nightmare – the driver of this Caravan has successfully warded off middle age malaise with the judicious application of three pedals and a proper row-your-own ‘box.  You, manual minivan driver, are a real automotive hero.

1 thought on “Real Automotive Heroes: 3-Pedal Minivan Edition

  1. RNR Automotive Blog

    Oh yeah, I rememeber that this was available with a manual once a upon a time. Wasn’t it a turbo model? In Europe, the “MPVS” are available with manuals whereas here the Mazda5 is the only minivan with a manual. Great blog! Can’t wait to see what you post next.



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