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Street Parked: Lloyd Alexander outside Munich

Blue Lloyd Alexander

On the subject of Lloyd automobiles, the book of Wikipedia states that there is “little prestige to be gained by driving a Lloyd,” and “he who is not afraid of death, drives a Lloyd.”  In other words, this car is only 50% Dodge Viper.

In fact, the Lloyd Alexander really is a story of half measures.  Nearly all Lloyds possessed only two cylinders — most employing two strokes, rather than the now common four.  A rear bench seat was available (as an option), and early models boasted a body fashioned out of wood and fabric.  By the time the steel-bodied Alexander rolled off the production line in 1957 Lloyd had almost doubled engine output to a staggering 19 horsepower, which could propel this little guy to nearly 100 km/h, assuming the driver possessed both the fortitude and a strong tailwind.

As you can see in the photograph above, this Alexander is securely attached to a trailer, which is likely the safest way to travel by Lloyd, and probably the fastest too.