The XK-E Reborn: Jaguar’s Awesome F-Type

F-Type Profile LBack in October I had the opportunity to get an early look at the brand new Jaguar F-Type roadster expected to debut later this year.  Short of Aston Martin’s GTs, I think it’s one of the best looking cars out there.  Designer Ian Callum has done an amazing job of creating an aggressive, contemporary take on the classic long-hood roadster while capturing many of the design elements of the E-Type that made it so timeless (dual center exhaust outlets and sculpted rear haunches come to mind).

The torque behemoth that is the supercharged 5.0L V8 also found in various -R branded Jaguars will be available, but I’m most excited for the new supercharged V6 which will be good for 340-370HP while producing one of the best sounding exhaust-notes I’ve heard in a long time.

Sadly, no manual transmission is available (yet) but at least they’ve done away with the frustrating rotary gear selector knob found in other models.  When I asked about a potential row-your-own option, I did get the corporate line followed by a wink/nod hint to keep an eye on future announcements so I’m not giving up hope just yet…  A 3-5 year old V6S with a manual transmission might be a great (almost affordable) roadster one day.

A few pictures from the event (apologies for low quality, cell phone camera in a poorly lit room):F-Type Tail

F-Type Snout

F-Type Snout R

F-Type Snout L

F-Type Interior L

F-Type Interior R

Here’s an early video highlighting the F-Type and its awesome exhaust note (the supercharged V6 starts around 44 seconds in):

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